About Us

 Tammy Neihart, L.A. stylist for MTV Awards, BET Awards, ESPY Awards, celebrities, socialites, and professional athletes, is the creative mind behind TRN. “Creative, unique and even a bit rebellious, TRN, named after both mine and my son Tristan’s initials, will cater to our California roots and represent sexy silhouettes, while giving the consumer glamorous, elegant, and bold options. I wanted to go back to my roots with this brand and bring consumers a styling experience” said Neihart.

A born entrepreneur, Neihart has always had a unique eye for fashion and design and is inspired by the spiritual connection between doing good and supporting the causes she is passionate about. Previous founder of Boyfriend Cosmetics, a collection she designed to promote a strong sense of self among young women, Neihart loves that fashion gives you the ability to not only express your individuality, but also give back.

Neihart founded the Tammy Neihart Project, a non-profit foundation that worked with celebrities who speak on self-esteem issues as a way to end the cycle of abuse, and plans on continuing as a socially responsible company with TRN. She believes that together we can make a difference and is committed to helping create positive change through our daily movements and social community.

She is always searching for causes that inspire her and tell a story. Neihart was also in the retail business with the Award Winning Azzaria Boutique and Azzaria Denim Lounge located in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California. With TRN she will initially focus on the E-commerce space serving fashion-savvy consumers and will eventually go to retail.

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